23 Apr 2013

AREDfinalARED: ARED offers renewable energy solutions at a micro and macro level, our goal is to design and engineer products cater to the African Market. Our first product is called Mobile Cell Phone Charging Kiosk that allow people on the go to quickly charge their phones. 

In 10 short years, what was once an object of luxury and privilege, the mobile phone, has become a basic necessity in Africa."- 2007, Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda1 
With 450M users, Africa has become the second largest cell phone market in the world surpassed only by China.1,2 Yet standing in the way is the inadequate level of energy development in many Sub-Saharan African countries. 70% of Sub-Saharan Africans do not have access to electricity. In Rwanda it is 16%; yet the cell phone penetration rate is 43%.3,4 Various governments are investing in expanding the energy infrastructure, but in many countries having a robust energy system is years in some cases decades away. Without reliable and easily accessible ways to charge cell phones, the vast potential of mobile technology will never be realized. 
ARED ( provides an innovative solution to this challenge using solar energy to provide mobile charging stations, also known as a Mobile Cell Phone Charging Kiosk (MCCK). The ARED MSCC is a portable unit that uses solar technology to provide energy for charging cell phones. The MSCC unit is on wheels so that it can be connected to a bike. This product will allow people to charge their cell phones while on work breaks, waiting for the bus, or in remote areas. This environmentally friendly solution would be 100% independent from a grid. Rwanda is a case study for the potential of this technology. The ARED MSCC system would guarantee full and continuous cell phone access to the 4.6M Rwandans who use cell phones. Ultimately about 60% of the products will be in cities and 40% in rural areas of Rwanda. In addition the franchise model of the ARED MSCC system will also uplift communities by providing new revenue streams to low income citizens. The latest report released by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda showed the unemployment rate at approximately 40% with 57% living below the poverty line.5 The vision for this product is to have the full supply chain in East Africa which will require employing persons from the front to back end (engineers to assembly line workers). The product itself will be sold through a franchise model, thereby employing additional persons. Therefore this product will provide much needed cell phone charging capabilities to millions while helping to build a green technology energy industry in the region. 
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Mobile Cell Phone Charging Kiosk that allow people on the go to quickly charge their phones.


Henri Nyakarundi is a visionary serial entrepreneur, with proven record in developing operations to grow combine annual revenue between $500000 to $800000 within the trucking/construction industries. Henri Nyakarundi founded and developed three solid companies that created strategies to enhance customer experience, efficiency and maximize profit. Demonstrates strong management skills, with ability to motivate staff to maximize levels of productivity.

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