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As the U.K. began negotiating its so-called Brexit from the European Union on Monday, Germany's startup ecosystem is getting a major nod in the form of one of the year's most anticipated IPOs, Delivery Hero.

AimBrain, a London startup that offers “biometric identity” as a service to help fintech companies and other financial institutions fight fraud, has raised £4 million in Series A funding.

By now, you've probably realized that your customers trust their peers more than they trust your brand. And those peers are constantly sharing what they like and don't like with their networks.

There’s a romance around the idea of a small startup forming in a garage, mom’s basement, or a dorm room. It’s quaint and flexible – it’s just you, maybe a few friends, and an idea. Pure bootstraps.

Case studies and client testimonials can provide a huge boost to your conversion of new customers and your bottom line. They often prove essential for establishing credibility and a sense of stability.

Many people toy with the idea of starting a business but hesitate to actually take the plunge and go out on their own. There are many reasons that people are held back from starting their own business.

Every startup wants to be a predictable success, yet so few ever achieve this enviable position. In reality, getting there is not a random walk, and requires an understanding of the stages that every business must navigate and the organizational characteristics necessary at each stage.

What happens when everything falls apart and you lose it all? These very successful entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles, who have all started from scratch more than once, explain what they would do next if they lost it all again.

The Growth Guru

Taking part in the new history being written on the wall are some of the biggest names, who not only build a name for themselves, but are now also helping others achieve growth. In a quest to find leaders who are playing a major role in advising companies on a growth path, is Rajeev Chitrabhanu, CEO and MD, JM Financial Services.