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What happens when everything falls apart and you lose it all? These very successful entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles, who have all started from scratch more than once, explain what they would do next if they lost it all again.

The 5 Phases of Cash Flow

Something that we find true for almost all the businesses we work with is that it costs their owners twice as much and takes twice as long as they'd envisioned to make those businessses profitable.

New startups should fully understand that running out of money is one of the primary reasons that businesses fold shortly after a launch. This scenario is a proven statistic, but startups can avoid joining the ranks of failed businesses by being smart about how they spend their startup capital.

Spring cleaning season is upon us and it’s not just time to declutter your office or take inventory, it’s also the right time of year for small business owners to get organized financially. From reviewing business expenses, to managing cash flow and revising business plans, every business owner can benefit from a financial refresh. Below are three financial tips to help you stay on track this season:

‘Following your heart’, gives you a lot of happiness; I was no different from many others and just wished to follow my heart. Being a young man in his twenties, I had a vision, tremendous energy and millions of dreams to start my venture right from the scratches and make it a huge success globally.

At the beginning of the year, many small business owners make a list of resolutions to help them run a more successful and more profitable business throughout the year ahead. Whether it’s to decrease costs, grow market share, improve cash flow or get more organized, a new year provides the opportunity to begin with a clean slate.

Over the last seven years, America’s economy has gradually improved, yet one question continues to be asked about small-business lending: Is it returning to normal?

If you’re planning to start a new business, paying down debt can be a critical first step in securing the success of your venture. Debt represents lingering obligations from previous financial transactions. Since you are entering a new phase in your life, the last thing you need to do is to be carrying those obligations into your new future.

5 Tips to Keep Cash Flow Strong

Michael Lewis, a former business executive and financial blogger, does not sugar coat things when he says, “owners who cannot efficiently manage their cash flow are almost certain to fail.”

Downfalls like not being a profitable venture, startups shutting their doors or even bankruptcy are often caused by a lack of knowledge or a willing ignorance amongst small-business owners.