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This technology startup, which specializes in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision, launched Blipparsphere. This is a new proprietary knowledge graph technology, which is live now on the Blippar app. Blipparsphere builds on the company’s existing machine learning and computer vision capabilities to deepen and personalize information about a user’s physical surroundings, providing a true visual discovery browser through the app.

Even when it’s armed with tools to target a specific consumer group, the majority of today’s advertising is still so general that it’s mostly irrelevant and dated. Case in point: Once I buy a wetsuit on Amazon, the ads that find me and try to sell me another wetsuit are flat-out annoying.

The online ad industry is experiencing a seismic shift when it comes to who controls the decision-making and allocation of ad impressions. Brands that leverage technology for programmatic buying have gained the ability to activate audiences across multiple campaigns. If these brands find a single user within multiple segments and multiple campaigns, they can discern which campaign is the best option for that particular user.

There is systemic install fraud in the app economy, according to business intelligence platform Adjust.

A new research report from the ad data and analysis firm Turn says advertisers are spending 500 percent more on digital media to reach Millennials than on media to reach all other consumer groups. Millennials are ages 18 through 35. There are 75 million of them in the U.S. And they have the expendable income that advertisers want. Badly.

One of the biggest problems within ad tech is our almost unconscious love of making the simple complicated. If we can make a concept (not the solution, just the concept) appear really complicated, our eventual half-solutions appear really smart, thereby assuring that publishers and advertisers will remain convinced they still need us around.

Marketers, two new channels are opening up

Two ways of holding things are being reinvented into key components of emerging marketing channels.

Although mobile data usage has risen 69 percent in the last year, tracking users across devices and channels continues to be among the biggest challenges for today’s marketers. Only 3 in 10 reported using cross-channel tracking to eMarketer, and 65 percent shared that they do not understand how their customers use devices differently, let alone know how to track customers across different devices while logged into the session. While cross-channel strategy creates the opportunity to utilize highly specified and relevant targeting, best practices for implementing this tactic must first be understood for advertisers to truly take advantage of its benefits. Inc quietly shuttered a pay-per-click advertising program that allowed businesses to divert traffic from the retailer's platform to their own websites on Tuesday, saying it would permanently discontinue the program in October.

Researchers have discovered a new and improved exploit kit that hackers are using to serve up infectious ads.